RPG Game

One of my earliest scripting projects was the aptly titled Visual RPG Game, made in Visual Studio 2010. This project started as a class assignment that I enjoyed working on so much that I continued to do so after the class had ended. I had a very shallow understanding of scripting, but I still managed to make a few complex mechanics work exactly as intended. Unfortunately it does not run on modern systems, and only runs on Windows 7 with the proper Visual Studio runtimes installed.

This is the main screen for the RPG, where all the action happens. When you an encounter an enemy, this is where you do combat. When you first start the game, mostly everything is greyed out, though. A location has to be selected on the map, and you encounter enemies while traveling to the selected location.

This is the map screen. This was probably the most interesting part of the game. At least, the map is really exciting to me, because it came out exactly how I invisioned it. The green block is the current location, and you can travel to any adjacent location, which is indicated by the red color. Instead of pre-determined distances, each location has an X and Y coordinate, and the distance is calculated by getting the difference of each X and Y location, which is exactly like two sides of a triange. Then, the hypotenuse of the triangle is calculated, you get the distance between the two points. I did it this way to make expanding easier.