Customer-oriented professional specializing in maintaining workflow




The latest developments in technology have always piqued my interest. For as long as I can remember, I’ve stayed up to date on the latest gadgets, so it made sense that my career gravitated towards technology. I’m always working on a project, whether it’s web design, game development or scripting; I’ve always got a project that captivates my interest. As a result, I had developed a proficiency for PC software and hardware, and before I knew it, every relative I had was calling on me to fix their computer. Because of my personal interest in technology, it was only natural that I took that organic development and applied to my professional goals. I’m most content in a role in which I’m consistently presented with fresh challenges so I can continue to hone my abilities.

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The most reliable way to iniciate conatact with me is via email. However, I can also be reached though linkedin.